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*James "Jimmy" Michael Raetzke*

Jimmy was a sweet, gentle, and loving soul, who never quit despite the obstacles placed before him. He brought joy to everyone he met. 

*Ryland Lee Daic*
Ryland was lifelong resident of Dayton. He was past student of Richter Elementary. He enjoyed playing the online video game called fortnite. He raised chickens and ducks. Ryland also enjoyed playing soccer with his cousins and lovedhm family. 

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*Madilyn Mims*


My forever 2 year old, Madilyn aka Monkey Girl. She loved her “sis-sis” more than anyone but was also her Momma’s whole world. Madilyn loved dinosaurs and “woof-woofs.” She lit up any room she walked into and she had the best personality. At 2 years old on October 22, 2021 Madilyn passed due to drowning accident on October 20, 2021. Though she left this earth, she was heroic and left behind some organs and saved a life. Hopefully her story can save more lives and raise awareness for accidental drownings and the importance of securing bodies of water including any types of pools, lakes, and rivers, etc. 

*Jade Eyvonne Jones*


Jade was a collector of many “things”.  She loved to collect rocks, leaves, flowers, toy cars, and mini stuffed animals.  She always had a favorite rock, toy, or stuffed animal of the week and wanted to take it everywhere she went, even to sleep. (game timer. .IYKYK)

In the evenings after work, Jade and her mother Kristi would take a walk at the walking track or to the park next to their apartment where Jade would collect her many treasures and have some of her mini adventures.  Some of her favorite past times were going to different parks, zoos, riding trains, and going to the farmer’s market where they would share a kombucha tea and dance to the live music.   Jade and her mother lived for their next adventure.  Jade loved attending festivals on and off the island.  Some of her favorite festivals she attended were Oktoberfest, Greek Fest, Kids Fest, and the Renaissance Festival. 

When Jade is at home, she loved building block towers, drawing, painting, and playing with her Play-Doh.   She loved to pick out her bedtime story every night for her Mama to read which was usually Pete the cat.  Lately her favorite shows were Paw Patrol, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Spiderman.


*Logan Avery Jones*


*Annabelle Kaye Steele- Jones*

Annabelle Kaye was a lively little girl. She was born with a special medical condition that delayed her development in growth. On March 17th 2022, she was diagnosed with acute B Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She did about a years worth of chemotherapy before making it to remission. In the beginning of August she began showing signs of relapsing and things went from there. She was then put in hospice care at her home. She made it two more weeks before losing her battle with cancer. 


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*Wylie Graham Cino*

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*Jase Patrick Griffin*


Jase attended Barbers Hill Elementary school South, where he had many friends, students and teachers alike 

Annabelle Bolduc

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*Macy Marie Rector*

Macy was a lifelong resident of Baytown-Mt. Belvieu. Macy was a student at Barbers Hill Middle School where she participated in volleyball, cross country, and choir. Macy also enjoyed playing volleyball, TikTok, decorating, and building forts.  

*Giselle Sustaita*

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*Braylee Gideon*

Annabelle Gideon.jpg

*Annabelle Gideon*

*Adisyn Claire Eberle*

**Ezekiel Tzic*

*Matthew Lewis*

*Jaelyn Castro*

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Alicia Maria "Lichita" Jimenez

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Zaylee Dream Scott

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